January 26, 2005
college programming comparch

I’ve decided to work a bit on porting over some of my old content to the new site/format. So far, I’ve converted over the pages about the senior design project I developed with John, the UR-5beta. Figure I may put up a copy of my public key at some point, but since the only one I use with any regularity is already up at my CRHC site, I’m not sure there’s much point. I’ll probably put the archived copy of TacoLand up too, but that won’t really require any porting, since I’ll leave it in its original format. Not sure I’ll bother with much else. While the “Malaise” site was an interesting experiment, I’ve never been all that happy with the layout, so aside from a few of the graphics I developed… it’s not all that interesting. I may start a new album in my gallery to house my “original works” that weren’t photogarphic in nature, but that’s probably it for now.

Blah blah blah. Back to work you lazy bum!