First big project went public!

January 30, 2015

It’s been busy week, but I feel I’ve at least got something to show for it. The first big project I’ve worked on has gone public at ITEXPO East 2015 and I can actually talk about it now. The new service is called Switchvox Rescue.

High level idea is businesses who have a Switchvox appliance can get a DCS SIP trunk with Rescue service, toggle a little switch in the web UI, and then barebones configs of their PBX are shipped to one of our cloud servers nightly. In the event the customer has some sort of major outage, they can place a call to support and ask to activate their emergency rescue cloud PBX. Support clicks a button and a Switchvox Rescue instance is automatically spun up, the customer’s most recent PBX config is loaded into it, and they’re up and running with a cloud PBX with basic phone services restored in 10-15 minutes (time varies depending on how complex the customer’s PBX config was, etc).

Pretty complicated getting it all to work seamlessly. As part of the process, I’ve worked on building HTTP APIs, building and automating OpenStack clouds, some of the basics of SIP telephony. It’s been quite interesting learning all of this stuff, and I expect there’s more interesting stuff ahead given the rate we’ve been cranking stuff out so far.