Weeklyish musings: 2023-06-30

June 30, 2023
reading gaming

What I’m reading

  • “The Serpent in Heaven”, Charlain Harris.
  • “Bad Cree”, Jessica Johns. Thoroughly enjoyed this one.
  • “Witch King”, Martha Wells. Felt like you were dropped in the deep end from the start as far as world building goes, but ended up really enjoying this one. Hoping it’s the first in a series.
  • “A Fistful of Charms”, Kim Harrison.
  • “City Spies”, James Ponti.
  • “Ghostcloud”, Michael Mann.
  • “The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle”, Stuart Turton (audiobook).
  • “After the People Lights Have Gone Off”, Stephen Graham Jones (audiobook).
  • “The House of Long Shadows”, Ambrose Ibsen (audiobook).
  • “Death Troopers”, Joe Schreiber (audiobook).
  • “No Kindness Too Soon”, Sylvain Neuvel (audiobook).
  • “Solar War”, A. G. Riddle (audiobook).
  • “Winter World”, A. G. Riddle (audiobook).
  • “A Change of Plans”, Dennis E. Taylor (audiobook).
  • “Feedback”, Dennis E. Taylor (audiobook).
  • “Legends & Lattes”, Travis Baldree (audiobook).
  • “John Dies at the End”, David Wong (audiobook).
  • “An Unkindness of Magicians”, Kat Howard (audiobook).
  • “When Women Were Dragons”, Kelly Barnhill (audiobook).
  • “The Singularity Trap”, Dennis E. Taylor (audiobook).
  • “Clowns Vs. Spiders”, Jeff Strand (audiobook).
  • “Tread of Angels”, Rebecca Roanhorse (audiobook).
  • “Delta-V”, Daniel Suarez (audiobook).

What I’m playing

  • Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (so much Zelda)
  • Far Cry 6
  • Deathloop
  • Truberbrook
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 (finished)
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