April 17, 2005
programming tech apple

So apparently GCC4 should be released before too long. Release candidates are out and release date is set for some time in April. Recently found out Fedora Core 4 will include it, which made me a little wary of trying it out (seems like it took a while for the GCC3 release to settle down and for apps to fix compatibility issues). Weird thing is, I was looking through a feature comparison for OS X (Tiger.4 vs Panther.3 vs Jaguar.2) and noticed that the upcoming Tiger release will also rely on GCC4. While I realize Apple’s undoubtably made all sorts of changes (included in the apple-local-200502-branch no less), I’m a little surprised they’re quite so bleeding edge. I mean GCC4 hasn’t hit final release status yet and I know Tiger has already gone gold and had it’s release date set. Wonder how long it’ll be before a 10.4.1 patch is released?