Corporate/Government Parodies on the Web

April 28, 2005

Saw this Slashdot post. A student at CMU made a website parodying the Wal-Mart Foundation (a thinly veiled attempt to improve the parent corp’s public image through small scattered donations) for a class on “Parasitic Media”. Guess Wal-Mart didn’t take too kindly to how they were portrayed, so they whipped out that horrendous piece of legeslation, the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). The DMCA’s a vague wording allows large corporations with lots of cash to easily threaten things they don’t like. Sounds a bit like the RIAA going after Diamond Multimedia when they first released the RIO portable MP3 player (first MP3 player backed by a major corporation). I wrote a brief bit about it back when I was an undergrad taking a course on ethics in engineering (surprisingly enough, it’s still available here on the course website).

Wonder if the Feds will go after (a spoof Jeff pointed out yesterday parodying the FDA’s revamp of the food pyramid at

2015-02-15: I updated the links for and to point to snapshots dating back to 2005 since the sites no longer exist. Also see this post detailing why I would update a 10 year old blog post.