Part way there...

February 11, 2006
hosting blog

Well, I’ve gotten the critical stuff transferred over. Stuff that’s up and running:

  1. DNS now points to my new server.
  2. Email has all been transferred over (hooray for IMAP!).
  3. My databases are up and running (although not set up quite how I’d like).
  4. The blog is functional (along with most of the site, since I’m using WordPress as a basic content management system for a large portion of the site).
  5. My movies page is functional.


  1. The photo gallery is down (didn’t move very well)
  • That’s ok since I’d planned on dumping it at eventually anyway in favor of putting all my photos up on flickr. Gives me all the slickness of flickr as well as the practical bonus of freeing up my precious web storage for other things.
  • Need to remove any links to the currently nonexisting gallery… or perhaps point them to my flickr account.
  1. Do the upgrades I’d wanted to do.
  • Upgrade to the latest WordPress and perform all the customization that goes along with that…
  • Other stuff???