GameCube Goodness

February 1, 2003

Yeah, so Meijer had this great sale going on today. You could buy a GC for $99. And if that wasn’t good enough, you got 10% off anything you purchased. So you end up actually getting a GC for $89. Hard to pass up, so I didn’t. Got a couple of games (Animal Crossing and Mario Party 4) along with a 2nd controller so at least Amanda and I can play togeter. Been playing Animal Crossing ever since. Such a cute game. And they’re even nice enough to include a memory card with it, so I didn’t have to buy one just to play.

Now I have to find out what else is good out there. Looks like there are several candidates so far (Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion, Metroid Prime, a slew of Resident Evils, etc). All sorts of Nintendo goodness.

Oh, and when did Nintendo snag the rights for the Resident Evil series? Doesn’t seem to really go with their ultra-cutesy, kid-friendly image. Lots of flesh-eating zombies…