May 23, 2003

So I ran across this site ( that seems kinda cool. The idea is you create an account, install a plugin for your favorite MP3 player software (be it Winamp, XMMS, SLIMP3, etc etc). This thing then aims to track your listening habits/preferences. In theory, after you’ve listened to enough (200 songs I think), it starts suggesting other artists based on your preferences and the preferences of other users who have similar interests. Figure I’ll play with it for a while and see what I think.

Unfortunately, they have no way to track what I listen to “on the go” as of yet, which is a bit of a problem seeing as I spend a lot of my listening time at work using my portable player. And this is of course due to the fact that the admins can’t seem to every get sound to work properly in Linux. Cause otherwise I’d be using my desktop machine for this purpose and tracking would work fine. Oh well, what the hell.