February 26, 2004
music illinois

So I saw Evanescence in concert this past Tuesday at the Assembly Hall. Great show.

First opening act, Atomship, was kinda eh. They weren’t awful, but they certainly weren’t very good either. Lead singer was pretty weird. Had something vaguely resembling a British accent until he mentioned they were from Mississippi when he suddenly reverted to a good ol' boy accent. And he had this weird twitchy, seizurey sort of “dance” thing. Bizarre.

Second opening act, Default, put on a really good show. I’ve actually heard some of their stuff on the radio and thought it was catchy stuff. The bassist actually did this wild thing with his pigtails… Believe me, it’s cooler than it sounds.

Evanescece though… They put on a great show. Amy Lee in particular was quite impressive. Man, she’s got one set of lungs on her. She was wearing this interesing white poofy prom dress over a pair of cargo pants along with her trademark b&w; striped arm warmers. Their light show was a bit much for me though. Bright and flashy to the point where it was hard to actually watch the band which is what I went there to see. In particular they had some bright white halogens that were targetted out in the audience and were frequently tied to the drum beat. Got to the point where I was timing my blinks to the drum beat to avoid being blinded. Amy gave a really great show though. And I hadn’t realized that she plays all the piano stuff on their album (as demonstrated on a baby grand on stage).

Anyway, I’ll have to see if I can’t come up with any photos if the DI puts any up like they did for Liz Phair. Ooh, and I just saw them on Letterman as I was writing this. Will have to see if I can download a copy since I wasn’t paying close attention…