Machine Names

March 23, 2004

So I don’t think I’ve explicitly mentioned it, but I ended up renaming most of my machines a while back. I decided to switch to a theme as opposed to the random naming scheme I was using before (ie Malaise, Elysium, Nicosia, Sulaco, Aragorn, etc). At this point, most of my stuff is named after characters in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. My aging Athlon box (Elysium) has been named after Polonius, the doddering old fool. My newer P4 box (Sulaco) has been named after Horatio, Hamlet’s buddy. I’ve named my notebook after Laertes (Polonius' son) and my PDA after Ophelia (Polonius' daughter). Not sure I’ll ever have an actual Hamlet, since it’s a hard role to fill. Oh, and I’ve decided to keep my Linux server named Malaise since it runs my external host by the same name.