Job Predictor

May 19, 2004
humor tech

Here’s a silly little webpage I Richy clued me into. It supposedly predicts your ideal career based on your name (since it’s probably based on some sort of hash function or something, inclusion of middle and/or last name may improve your career path). For example:

  • Derek, Your ideal jobs is a Kids TV Presenter
  • Derek Gottlieb, Your ideal job is a Bearded Lady in the circus.
  • Derek Brendan Gottlieb, Your ideal job is a Office numpty.
  • Derek Brendan, Your ideal job is a Brain Surgeon.
  • Gottlieb, Your ideal job is a As the Speaking Clock.

It would appear that renouncing my last name is the key to a good career. Don’t even get me started on what sort of stuff it predicts for Amanda… especially after she marries me.