July 20, 2004

So I’ve seen a few of these around and been curious. Finally got around to looking into it, and it turns out Scion is a new subsidiary of Toyota. Basically, Toyota has realized that it may not have to coolest image with the youngfolk and wants to tap that market. They sorta tried with the Matrix, but I’ve mainly seen a slightly older crowd driving them (hi dad!). Guess they figured they needed a new car company to accomplish it. There basically still Toyotas, so you get the same kind of reliability you would from one with their logo on the hood. They’ve also taken cues from Saturn and apparently have gone with the no-hassle approach to sales (here’s the price and that’s that). Looks like they’ve got a total of 3 models at this point, and options are largely limited to “do you want stick or an automatic?” But that’s because just about everything you’d actually want in a car is included in the base price. The most humorous part of it all is the fact that they have all sorts of appearance add-ons that you can get including “sport” mufflers, logoed oil cap s and battery tie downs, LED mood lighting inside the vehicle, etc. Guess they’re shooting for the ricer who’d like to get it all direct from the factory.