Rant: FedEx and Vultures

September 15, 2004

Got two rants today. First off, what is up with FedEx? I bought something online that was shipped via 3-day FedEx. Estimated delivery is for tomorrow (to hit the 3-day deadline). Well, turns out they had it sitting in their local office this morning before they pack up the trucks for the day’s deliveries. But since I had only paid for 3-day, they decided to leave it sitting on the dock to be delivered tomorrow so that I’d know what I was missing out on by not going with 2-day. Meanies.

And the vultures at Zorba’s were really pissing me off yesterday. I’m not talking about the staff (they’ve typically been great). I’m talking about the other customers. Jeff and I are sitting there trying to have lunch and this guy walks up, puts his bag and stuff in an empty seat at our table and asks if it’d be ok if he put his stuff down there. Ok, weird, but whatever. Then like 5-10 minutes later he gets his food and is like “mind if I join you guys.” Can’t he see we’re trying to have a conversation. How rude. Fortunately the people at the table behind me just happened to be leaving at that moment, so they offered it to him and he took it. Get this. A lady standing near our table waiting for her food (and nosily observing this exchange) proceeds to butt into our conversation with “you ARE leaving soon, right? not that you’re not welcome here…” Yeah. Not that we’re not welcome, but please get out now so she can sit there. How rude. Like the Seinfeld addendum “not that there’s anything wrong with that.” Why won’t all of these people just piss off and let us enjoy our lunch in peace and go find another table. Or get their food to go and sit on the quad if they’re so concerned about where they’re going to sit.