Kitty part deux

January 11, 2005
photography cats

We adopted our second kitty this past Sunday. He is an adorable 8-week old black and white kitten. He’s predominantly black with a little white stripe down his nose, a white chin and tummy, and white paws. As per the suggestion of his previous home (one of Amanda’s co-workers), we’ve decided to call him Spooky. I kept thinking of the X-Files (Fox “Spooky” Mulder), and he seems to spook pretty easily for a kitty as curious and fearless as he appears to be. Unsurprisingly, I’ve got some pics up over at my gallery. He is really quite adorable, so we’re hoping Merry will learn to like him and they can play together nicely.

I took him to the vet yesterday since he’s got some sort of upper respiratory infection (lots of sneezing and discharge from his eyes). We’ve got a combination of oral antibiotics and some goop we have to put in his eyes twice a day for 10 days. It’s unpleasant but doable for two people, but I’ve discovered my own personal hell this morning. Trying to both hold him still and administer this stuff alone. You really need more than two hands to do it. I can just imagine how horrific it would be to do this to him day-in/day-out till the end of time. I feel horrible doing it to him and couldn’t fathom it if I didn’t know it was to make him feel better in the end. Vaccinations will have to wait until we get this infection cleared up.