WordPress upgrade

February 18, 2005

As you may notice, I’m in the middle of upgrading my WordPress install for the blog. I thought I’d gotten the key stuff translated over to the new setup, so I switched over to the new stuff. While my blog looks mostly right (sans access buttons in the header), I’d forgotten that a lot of the rest of my site was using chunks of old blog code for their appearance. Hence, when I swapped them out, the rest of the stuff tanked. Looks like it’s going to take me a while to see if I can integrate my site with the new blog code, but at least it’s viewable at the moment (as opposed to last night when I completely broke everything). Perhaps if I get a moment, I’ll point things at the old blog code so that things look mostly right until I can get things set up properly.

EDIT: It’s thoroughly kludged together now. So the site should largely look ok, but the backend’s a little messy. Hopefully I’ll get some time to take a look at it this weekend.