Blech... It's Hot!!!

March 2, 2005
work rants

Wouldn’t think I’d be complaining about how hot it is in winter. Truth be told, it’s ass cold outside. But when I came into the office today it was close to 90 degrees in there! I’ve propped the door open and tried to get in touch with Dan the friendly building manager guy any way possible. I think they’ve tweaked something since it’s started to come down (about 86 now), but it’s taking a while. I actually sat out in the hallway for about an hour waiting for it to cool down enough that I could sit in here. Granted, by cool enough I mean I’ve also taken off my shoes and socks and rolled up my jeans so they look super stylish, but at least I can work at my desk for a moment without passing out now.

Edit: Turns out it’s some building-wide issue with the steam heat… but my office is one of the more obvious ones since we have all these space heaters (read: computers) in here. A quick headcount says there are around 20 machines in this office. Not bad seeing as there are only 8 grad desks in here. And a few tiny undergrad ones that are little more than a monitor stand.