Merry's trip to the vet (aka a little snip-snip)

April 8, 2005
photography cats

Dropped Merry off at the vet this morning for spaying (finally). Leaving her there all alone (overnight no less) really pulled at my heartstrings. :( I’m such a softie. I don’t know how parents manage to drop their kids off at school for the first time.

On a related note, I finally got around to uploading some more kitty pictures. Been having hardware problems with my CompactFlash reader (took forever to get it to mount, took forever to get a directory listing, took forever to transfer the files, and some of the files were corrupted by the time they got to my computer). Anyway, think I’ve got some more pictures on my other camera, so hopefully I can get some of those uploaded before long too. Oh, and buy a replacement flash reader at some point too.