June 23, 2005

I hate stupid people. Amanda and I were enjoying a nice dinner at Nitaya Thai last night when this flock of heathens came in. I knew they were heathens because they promptly asked for a kids' menu. Where do they think they were… Denny’s? Gets worse from there. When they find out there’s no kids' menu, they’re youngest broodling has the nerve to confront the waitress with a loud, finger-quoted “what do you mean no kids' menu?!?!?” Good to see kids are being raised to be respectful, well-mannered little mongrels… Then the elder mouth-breathers ask if they serve anything besides Thai food, because they’d really like to eat something that’s not Thai food. The nerve of these heathens. If you didn’t want Thai food, perhaps you should check out a place that’s not a Thai restaurant. I suspect McD’s would be more to their liking… Fortunately they left at that point, which is good since I’d rather not have to listen to them whine about how they can’t get burgers and chicken nuggets and are being forced to experience alternative cultures.

One of those problems I have with some people… completely unwilling to try new things. My folk raised me to at least try new things before deciding I didn’t like them (unlike some people who know they don’t like things before even trying them). Sometimes this works out and I find some new favorite… and sometimes I have a Happy BucketTM experience. But even then I come out with some great stories and can impress some people with my bravery. :)