Movies DB themed

June 27, 2005
Film blog

Finally got around to integrating my movies page with the rest of the site. It’s definitely hacky at this point (made a custom wordpress page style containing most of the php code and simply created an empty page that uses that style), but at least it works. Still need to refine it some. I stripped out most of the db fields from getting displayed since I’m don’t have as much screen width to work with, but I should fine tune what I display. Should also decide whether I want to link to my own custom entry for each movie when you click on it in addition to providing the IMDB link, or if I should just simplify my db substantially and only provide the barest necessities locally. Oh, and I suppose it would be slick if I provided a “I’d like to borrow this movie” button so that friends/family that are local can easily notify me when they’re looking over the list online. And perhaps get searching working again. But my tinkering is never really done. There’s a number of backend fixes I should probably consider at some point for adding new entries (ability to select alternate english titles for international films, fix the IMDB lookup to reflect changes made to their interface, …).