That time of year again... Ethics Training!

October 25, 2005
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What an unbelievable waste of time. Some state law passed last year (at least I assume last year… I started having to do this last year anyway) requires that all state employees must go through ethics training every year. Interesting how grad students are considered employees when it means additional requirements/constraints be placed on us and students when they’re talking about salary/benefits/parking/etc. Fortunately it’s done through the web instead of requiring us to attend an actual class. So you have to read (click) through a bunch of training crap, and only after you’ve clicked through it all will they give you access to the quiz. If I remember correctly, you need to answer all 10 questions correctly before they’ll consider you trained. Now I have a stupid HTML certificate that I can opt to print out and hang on my wall if I want to prove I’m certified ethical. What a crock.