I love indie music!

January 21, 2006
music illinois

Finally got to see The Reputation live… and they rocked! Went to see them last night with Lee at Cowboy Monkey here in CU and they were fantastic. Great show. Can’t beat the price either. $8 cover for 3 bands playing a 45 minute set each. And Lee and I were right up there by the stage. Couldn’t get much closer without completely losing my hearing. :) A good time was definitely had by all.

The Rep led the night with a bunch of my favorites from their two albums, and at least one track they’re working on for a new album. Excellent stuff! They were followed up by Dressy Bessy which left me quite favorably impressed. They put on a great show and I’ll have to check out more of their stuff. The Living Blue (formerly The Blackouts) brought the night to a close and put on quite a show… just not quite as much my taste as The Rep and Dressy Bessy.

And to continue my quest for meeting cool indie music folk, I met the members of The Rep. Nice bunch. Kinda wild to think Elizabeth Elmore’s a lawyer when she’s not doing the whole band thing. Their new bass player seems like a pretty good match too. Keeping my eye out for next time their in town. Oh, and if you get the chance you might check out the sample tracks they’ve got up on their Myspace… including a new demo track.