Kitty part trois

February 22, 2006
photography cats

We adopted our third kitty this past Saturday thanks to Amanda’s sister Katie. She’d found him as a stray hanging around the house of some of her boyfriend’s friends down in Carbondale. Seems there’s a BIG stray cat problem down in that neck of the woods (presumably because of all the college students in the area, and their decision to ditch their cats when they move). I think the call she made to Amanda about the kitty went something like this:

Katie: Happy Valentine’s Day! Oh, and would you adopt this cute kitty I found?

Anyway, he’s a sweet Siamese mix and is probably somewhere around 3 years old. We’ve decided to call him Sam, which is Amanda’s interpretation of the Thai word săam which means 3 (our third cat). Got him into the vet on Monday and it looks like he was well taken care of until he was dumped… he’s even neutered! So far he’s been much better behaved at night than our other kitties (at least in part because he’s older), curling up down at the foot of the bed and sleeping most of the night. He doesn’t walk around on us or yowl at us or bite our toes or anything. Well, he did kind of bat at my feet a couple of nights ago when my feet were only under a sheet (as opposed to a heavier blanket), but he left them alone as soon as I got them under a blanket.

Unsurprisingly, I’ve got some pics up over at my flickr.