Google Reader

April 7, 2006

So Google seems to be releasing all sorts of cool tech these days. You’ve got Gmail, which I’ve been pretty pleased with (all my email accounts forward there now). There’s Google Bookmarks that I think are tied into their “personalized home” stuff. I know you can view/add them via the Google toolbar in IE, but last I knew there wasn’t an equivalent for browsers that don’t suck (eg Firefox). It’s kinda nice to have a web-based place for me to store bookmarks (so I can access them at home/work/etc), but I wish there was a better way to add links independent of the IE toolbar (eg a button to add a bookmark vs. going to the page and manually entering the url).

More recently, I’ve taken a look at their Reader that’s an AJAXified RSS/Atom feed reader that seems pretty decent. I’d been a little annoyed about tracking my feeds using programs in two locations (hence not synched up in any way). Now I can get my feed fix via a web interface that’s accessible everywhere. Cool beans.