Damn Dolphins!... or hanging out with Rachel and Tammy

April 24, 2006
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Rachel and her roommate Tammy (who’s a hoot btw) came down Friday night to catch the show at the Canopy Club featuring The Living Blue, Tractor Kings, Dark Country, and The Dolphin. We showed up some time during the Dolphin’s set and all I have to say is weird. I couldn’t really tell whether they were playing something or just getting setup and making random noises on-stage. We elected to wait out at the bar until after their set was over.

Thought Dark Country put on a pretty good show, but I would’ve liked to hear a bit more (they were only able to play a handful of songs). Hopefully I’ll get to hear more from them in the future… perhaps an EP?

I’m not quite sure what I think of the Tractor Kings. I will definitely say I was impressed to see one of them playing a 12 string acoustic guitar as a part of their act. I might have to check out more of their stuff to see what I think. Seemed like fairly subdued music compared to the other acts, but maybe that’s just me. Guess I should also check out the old 57s (er, I think that’s what Tammy said they reminded her of… not sure since it was kinda loud in there).

I’ve seen the Living Blue previously, and they fit with what I’d remembered. Clearly most of the people there on Friday night had come to see them play as they swarmed around the stage when they got started. I will say I thought their show I caught at Cowboy Monkey was more entertaining (perhaps because it was a more intimate venue and the place was comfortably packed).

Good stuff overall. Was kinda fun getting to hang out with Rachel and Tammy in their natural habitat so to speak.


Although a lot of their associates clearly don’t think very highly of CU… sort of reminded me of all the Chicago Bears fans who had the nerve to come down and ruin our poor little town for a weekend (several times over the course of a season while the Bears were playing at our stadium while theirs was under repairs/construction) and then to have the nerve to complain about everything (there’s too much traffic… well duh you guys were the traffic, it smells bad… well duh you’re in farm country, etc etc).


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