Elizabeth Elmore Solo @ the Courtyard Cafe, Illini Union

August 26, 2006
music illinois

I’ve been looking forward to it for a few weeks since I read about it, and managed to catch Elizabeth Elmore playing solo at the Courtyard Cafe in the Union. Free show no less. There were pretty clearly only a handful of people that were explicitly there to attend the show and an assortment of others that were there just eating their lunch or studying or what-not. Good show though. Just her and her electric (Gibson SG I believe). Played a range of things from the old Sarge days to the current Reputation stuff, including at least one track she’d never played live before. Helped carry her equipment out afterwards and met one of the other attendees who turned out to be the moderator for the Rep mailing list. Cool stuff, and I’m looking forward to catching her with full band again tonight (at the Union again, and also free). Sounds like this is a show not to miss…

  1. The Stars of Amateur Hour
  2. Clearer
  3. Bone Tired — “This is the first time I’ve ever tried to play this song live.”
  4. Dear Josie, Love Robyn
  5. Alaskan [request]
  6. The First Morning
  7. Beguiling
  8. March [request]
  9. The End of July (All My Plans Changed…)