Hell hath frozen over

February 13, 2007
illinois snow college

All classes have been canceled for Tuesday (Feb. 13) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. More than 5 inches of snow fell overnight, up to another foot of snow is possible by Tuesday night and a blizzard warning is in effect. U. of I. employees who have been designated as essential personnel are expected to report to work.

This mailing approved by: The Office of the Chancellor

The U of I never cancels class. When the weather’s real bad, they might send out a notice to TAs the day after instructing them not to penalize anyone smart enough not to go to class in a blizzard, but they very very rarely cancel classes outright. I mean, the weather’s horrible and all, but I’m just surprised the powers-that-be actually noticed. Unfortunately, they didn’t send this email notice out till 9am, and there were undoubtably classes at 8am or even start at 9am (hence they’d have to leave long before this announcement went out in order to get there in time). Stupid.