Photo usage

July 30, 2007
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Apparently it’s been a busy week for my flickr photos. I’ve had two that were selected for inclusion in various web things.

First, one of my Ireland honeymoon photos was selected for inclusion in Schmap Dublin Third Edition (check out Literary Dublin: Trinity College). Oddly enough, it was a photo I took while we were wandering around Trinity College. Here’s a little descriptive blurb from their website:

Exploring a Schmap Guide is a uniquely interactive experience: maps and guide content are dynamically integrated, allowing intuitive, real-time access to reviews and photo slideshows for places of interest.

Then, one of my photos from Hong Kong was selected for use in a Wikipedia article: Hong Kong Basic Law Article 23. It’s a picture I took from a trolley of a huge demonstration protest against “Article 23”. For the longest time I’d wondered what the heck Article 23 was about and why it was so unpopular. Jeff and I had asked the guy who was showing us around but he didn’t seem to know. Best guess was it had something to do with encroaching communism since the UK’s rental agreement was about up on HK, and so the PRC was working on stepping in. From the Wikipedia entry, it sounds like an unsurprisingly unpopular bit of legislation that ended up being shelved.