Getting there...

February 11, 2006

I’ve gotten a bit farther in my updates for Malkier. I’ve fixed how I’d set up the databases. Basically I realized webmin had greater flexibility for creating databases than phpMyAdmin is currently set up to support. Things are nicely organized now in that respect. I’ve also upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, so I’ve gotten all those goodies and bugfixes now.

The main task left is to do some customization and update the style for my site. My old theme customizations and plugins appear to have transferred over alright to the upgraded install, but there are some issues I’ve always had with how I’d set some stuff up. Michael Heilemann and Chris J Davis have been hard at work on the successor to Kubrick (theme my site’s currently based on)… K2. Looks to be good stuff, so hopefully I’ll shift over to that just as soon as I can integrate my changes into it.