Emulate PPC on x86?

May 19, 2004
apple tech

I must be in one heck of a blogging mood today. I saw this Slashdot post and thought it sounded pretty sweet. Turns out, they’ve released a GPL’d PPC emulator for x86 that is actually capable of booting OS X. Here’s the OS-News article that includes all the pretty pictures. Sounds like it’s still got a few problems (reviewer ran into a few infinite loop explosions once OS X had started, and it guzzles the whole CPU), but it actually kinda worked. Guess there’s still hope for me playing with OS X without spending money on an actual Mac. Keep figuring someone some day will release something as nice as VMware that emulates a PPC Mac instead of a x86 PC… All the OS X converts I see around my department and over in CS have my interest piqued.