Fedora Core 2

May 19, 2004

So Fedora Core 2 is officially out. I actually snagged it a few days early thanks to this Slashdot post that included this friendly torrent. Spent a while getting it up and running under VMware and it looked pretty good. Just when I starting to think about updating my RH9 box, the computer up and imploded on me. I’m not sure what happened, but suddenly X refused to start and I couldn’t even get it to give me access to a text console so that I could back everything up and reinstall. If I had to guess, I think it might be something related to my USB KVM switch and the fact that we had some sort of power glitch that made one of my UPSes go ape shit. Anyway, out came the Knoppix disc, I had samba up and running so I could transfer the stuff over to another box, and after the lengthy process of copying stuff over, I had FC2 up and running pretty quickly. Looks very sweet so far, and fortunately they haven’t done anything major to Xinerama, so getting dual-head back up was a breeze. I think the fonts look even better than they did in RH9. They’re really getting to the point where they’re putting MS to shame visually (which is always a good thing, since hopefully it forced MS to innovate/evolve a little further in order to compete).