House Updates

November 5, 2004

Making progress again on the house (and remembered to bring my camera again too). A bunch of the double-paned windows that had broken seals were replaced on Tuesday (turns out some of the remaining windows were misordered and the sliding glass door is on backorder). Big improvement on the ones that have been replaced though. Will actually be able to look out the windows now. Got the light green paint up on two of the walls in the dining room (but not the overhang near the cathedral ceiling), gold along the north wall with the big picture window in the living room and the sliding glass door in the dining room that leads to the deck. Got a bunch more wallpaper taken down, so hopefully we can get a coat of paint up on the remaining dining room wall that leads into the kitchen soon. The solid oak flooring should be going in on the first floor on Monday and Tuesday, so the place should be looking pretty good soon.