Ich bin impressed!

February 12, 2005
apple tech

I’ve had the mini for a couple of days now, and so far I have to say I’m impressed. Cute little box and so far I’ve largely been impressed with the speed and “fluidity” of it. OS X seems awful slick so far, barring the inevitable learning curve. In fairly short order I’d found the Terminal and was greeted with a familiar bash prompt and even things like emacs (text-only) and ssh out of the box. Installed the Apple X server pretty painlessly, and it integrates pretty nicely into OS X. I’ve even installed fairly slick equivalents of some of my must-have apps (multi-network IM: Fire, remote desktop: OSXvnc, virtual desktops: Desktop Manager). I’ll probably get around to setting up fink at some point to make use of other unixy software.

Like a lot of people, mine appears to come with a 5400rpm Seagate notebook drive (as opposed to the advertised 4200rpm) and PC3200 RAM (although I’m sure it’s only running at the advertised PC2700). I’ll have to take some pics at some point comparing it against my old full tower box. :)

Biggest issue I’m running into at this point is keyboard shortcuts. I don’t have any apple keys, or even windows keys on my keyboard, so I’m not quite sure how to access any of the shortcuts at this point…