Silly kitties!

February 15, 2005
cats humor

Our kitties are silly! Apparently, one of our fuzzy blankets reminds Spooky an awful lot of his mama, because he’s taken to kneading, suckling, and lapping on it. I was petting him this morning (in an attempt to keep him from completely waking me up) when he started in on the blanket. He had to be going at that thing for at least half an hour. Silly kitty.

Even worse… Miss Merry was getting a little old when we adopted her, but I thought vaccinations should be top priority. That involved two visits to the vet (one for initial shot, one for a booster). You then have to wait a couple of weeks before having surgery. Of course, little Spooky got her sick (kitty conjunctivitis… from Spooky sneezing in her face repeatedly) a few days before she was scheduled to go in. So we had to put it on hold until she was better. Turns out, she decided to go into her first heat around that time too. She was running around all crazy like, and wrestling a whole lot more with Spooky. We even saw him grab her ear on occasion which would cause her to quit fighting and present herself… confusing Spooky to no end. At first, we weren’t too concerned since we figured “Spooky’s not even three months old, there’s no way he’s old enough.” Then we watched him wiggle around on top of her and I made some rude comment about having to clean her coat. So Amanda decided to separate them and his little Willy Wonka was staring back at us! Turns out he’s old enough, but not long enough to grab her neck and do the deed at the same time. Well, she’s finished with her antibiotics now and is definitely back in heat. Guess we’re back to keeping them separate until Merry’s had surgery…