Burger news

May 10, 2005
Tales of the weird

Amanda was telling me that the mayor of Detroit (who’s apparently assisted in creating a 300 million dollar deficit) has proposed an additional tax on fast-food to help fill the city’s coffers. Guess this is a strategic move since Detroit’s ranked third on the list of “fattest cities” (following Houston and Chicago)…

On a related note, I saw this other article at CNN about a restaurant that’s started selling a 15-pound burger! 10 pounds of beef covered in a 17-inch bun, 25 slices of cheese, an entire head of lettuce, 3 tomatoes, 2 onions, not to mention the usual condiments. Pretty disturbing. At least apparently they don’t expect one person to finish it alone… if two people manage to eat it within a 3 hour sitting, they get the $30 burger for free!