#define "prairie restoration project"

May 10, 2005
define humor illinois

I’ve seen a few of these around town. Apparently the park district is spinning them as restoring some of the land controlled by the park district to it’s original “prairie” condition. In practice, I think this largely translates to “um, this is too much work, so we’re just going to stop mowing some of these and put up a sign.” I’ve always found the park district to be rather interesting around here. They’ve got all sorts of little plots scattered throughout town that they’re responsible for, some as small as a few flower pots sitting on a sidewalk (think they called that a “flower island” or something like that), many of them not much more than a 5-foot x 5-foot square (think they call them “mini-parks”). They have a number of more substantial parks scattered about town, much more than I would really expect for a town of this size, which is cool. I still find some of it a little absurd though.