Verizon support

October 17, 2005

So far everyone in our bunch (Amanda, yours truly, Katie and Amanda’s Mom) seems pretty pleased with Verizon. My phone actually tanked this morning… Picked it up to head off to work when I noticed it wasn’t on. Tried to turn it and and it wouldn’t. Figured battery’s just dead. So I plug it in real quick and it powers up. Starts the charging procedure and quickly says the battery’s fully charged?! As soon as I pull the AC power, it turns itself off. Pop over to the Verizon store and aside from the wait to get a customer service person, they checked it out, popped in a new battery, it worked as it should so they did an exchange with no money changing hands.

That may not seem like much (ie in my world, that’s the way it should be when the battery in your 3 month old phone calls it quits), but since I’ve seen how so many other businesses fail to operate… this was impressive. Whenever Amanda would go into Cingular about problems with her phone, they’d just give her crappy “solutions” like removing and reinserting the battery or ripping up some paper and jamming it in the battery compartment. If pressed to do more, they’d just shake their heads and offer to let her trade it in and buy a new phone for $300+.

While I’m not exactly pleased the old battery tanked like it did (I can see DOA issues with tech hardware, but failures like this make me wonder), I can’t really fault Verizon. They certainly handled the situation better than I could have hoped.