Apple Updates... higher res PowerBooks

October 20, 2005
apple tech

Looks like Apple has finally realized that there are a lot of people who would like a high res notebook. Previously, their “pro” line of notebooks (aka PowerBooks) topped out at a piddly 1440x900 on a 17" LCD. Just think about that a moment. My Thinkbrick (that’s a couple years old at this point) does 1400x1050 on a 14" display. Their 15" was equally pathetic at 1280x854. They’ve just bumped up the 15" model to 1440x960 and the 17" to 1680x1050. Still not as high res as Lee’s 17" Dell with 1920x1200, but a good step up at least. The 12" model is still a dinky 1024x768, and who knows how long it’ll take for this to trickle down to the cheaper iBooks…

In addition, they’ve finally released Power Macs based on the dual-core G5 including a dual-chip, quad-core model. I’d also recently heard on TWiT that Apple had a “Photoshop killer” lying in wait in case Adobe ever dropped the ball on Mac support in favor of Windoze… And it looks like they may have released it in the form of Aperture.