Cat Diary, can't stand the pressure

January 22, 2007
Cat Diary cats humor

Spooky Cat

They give me a little taste, and then take it away. I can’t take this kind of abuse. I just need my tasty kibbles. Aaah! Can’t they hear me begging for one more hit?

Tried to work out some of my energy leaping at the fun string that makes the light come on. Can you believe they left the lid to the washer open? They’re out to get me. I just can’t stand the pressure. I fell in and had to fight to keep them from capturing me for good…

Ooooh, but it’s all good now. They’ve put out my good kibbles for me to eat. Mmmm… and they’ve locked out those other meanies so they can’t have any. Mmmmmm… tastes like victory. So good.