Huntsville and such

May 10, 2007
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Those of you who know me should know why I haven’t updated in a long time. Amanda and I had a very long month when we went down to Huntsville for Mike’s wedding. We had our baby Isaac prematurely, and after fighting for three long weeks in the Huntsville NICU, he passed away peacefully in our arms. We’re still having a hard time with it, but I suppose it’s good to talk about it.

But I suppose I should continue to try and work on returning to “normal” life, so I’m going to go ahead and post some photos I took while we were down there.

We took a hike at the state park up on the top of Monte Sano:

Monte Sano Monte Sano

We also took a trip to the Hunstville Botanical Gardens:

Botanical Gardens Botanical Gardens

And on our way home, we stopped by the Jack Daniel’s Distillery which is just across the border in Lynchburg, TN:

Rickyard at Jack Daniel’s Distillery

Barrel House at Jack Daniel’s Distillery